[READ] Caffeine - Know the Facts.

I love a warm cup of coffee every now and then but it definitely is used as a treat and not a daily crutch to pull me out of bed. Here is some information to guide you toward making healthy and informed decisions around your caffeine use.

1. Stress

Caffeine stimulates the excretion of stress hormones, which can produce increased levels of anxiety, irritability, muscular tension and pain, indigestion, insomnia and decreased immunity. Increased levels of stress can keep you from making healthy responses to normal daily stress.

2. Emotional Unrest

Anxiety and irritability are hallmark mood disturbances associated with too much caffeine consumption, but equally important are depression and attention disorders.

3. Blood Sugar Swings

Diabetics and hypoglycemics should avoid caffeine. Caffeine stimulates a temporary surge in blood sugar followed by an overproduction of insulin, which causes a blood sugar crash within hours. This roller coaster causes weight gain since insulin’s message to the body is to store excess sugar as fat.

4. Digestive Problems

Many people experience a burning sensation in their stomach after drinking coffee because coffee increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which leads to an increased risk for ulcers. Coffee, including decaf, reduces pressure on the valve between the esophagus and the stomach so that the highly acidic contents of the stomach pass up to the esophagus, which can lead to heartburn and gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

5. Adrenal Exhaustion

Caffeine consumption leads to eventual adrenal exhaustion, which can leave you vulnerable to a variety of health disorders related to inflammation and fatigue.

(Adapted from Caffeine Blues: Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America’s #1 Drug by Stephen Cherniske.)

My recommendation for a coffee alternative: Dandy Blend. I have been recommending this product for my cleansers for a while now and they absolutely love it. I drink 2 tbsp. dandy blend, 1 tsp. coconut oil, a pinch of cinnamon, 2 drops stevia, and 1 cup hot water blended as a morning beverage.

Note: Dandy Blend is an incredibly healthy and delicious replacement for coffee. It is ground dandelion root that has a similar warming effect & look and feel of coffee. In addition, this root serves as a liver detoxifier. Win!

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